Fall harvest complete, receipts up


Staff writer

With Thanksgiving just a week away, the fall harvest is complete.

Area co-ops all report a good harvest, with receipts of corn, beans, and milo exceeding last year's numbers.

Dick Tippin, marketing coordinator at Cooperative Grain and Supply, said the co-op took in a lot more corn and beans than usual, with good test weights.

He said they were prepared to store milo on the ground, when it rained, and they were able to move more grain out.

Cooperative Grain has elevators at Hillsboro, Marion, Canton, Lehigh, and seasonally at Canada.

According to Stan Utting, manager of Agri-Producers, the fall harvest was a lot better than the previous year and came in much closer to average. The co-op took in more corn and beans, and the milo was "pretty decent."

Utting said milo yield was hurt around Lincolnville and Lost Springs because of extremely dry conditions. He said milo acreage was down because of diversion to corn.

Agri-Producers is headquartered in Tampa, with branch elevators at Durham, Lincolnville, Herington, Carlton, and Gypsum.

Larry Goerzen, grain co-ordinator for Mid-Kansas Cooperative, said receipts of corn and beans exceeded the seven-year average, and corn receipts were substantially higher than a year ago. Milo also is expected to be higher.

Goerzen said getting trucks for grain transportation was a problem but most locations avoided storing grain on the ground.

Mid-Kansas Cooperative is the largest farm cooperative in the state, with 37 locations, including Burns, Florence, Peabody, and Goessel.