Family folklore course offered at Tabor College

Personal family history, tradition, and folklore will be explored in a class offered by Tabor College during the spring 2008 semester.

The course, Folklore of Family and Culture, will be held Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., beginning Feb. 5. It will be taught by Peggy Goertzen, director of the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, located on the campus of Tabor College.

Goertzen will teach basic research and interview methods, including the use of archival materials. Students will explore primary and secondary sources to discover personal culture and develop a family narrative.

Students may take the course for sociology or history credit, or it can be audited. The public also is invited to enroll in the course.

"This class is a unique opportunity to evaluate the impact of social change, historical events and cultural traditions in the development of one's personal history," said Goertzen. "The intergenerational mix between the younger students and older students from the community in this class is a marvelous dynamic, showing how we can all learn from each other. Everyone's story is valid."

Three hours of college credit may be earned from this course. Those who wish to take the course but do not plan to complete a degree program may register as guest students by contacting the Office for Enrollment Management at 620-947-3121.