Gastrointestinal clinic available at HCMC

Hillsboro Community Medical Center is bringing a gastrointestinal diagnostic clinic the second Tuesday of each month to Hillsboro.

The G-EyeMobile offers five diagnostic tests, previously not available in this area.

According to HCMC Chief Executive Officer Michael Ryan, numerous tests will be available regarding gastrointestinal issues.

A non-invasive, affordable, and easy test is a lactose intolerance breath test, which is the most common gastrointestinal problem. The test measures the level of hydrogen expelled.

The Restech Ambulatory pH Monitoring System is for atypical symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). A small probe, designed for maximum patient comfort, is advanced gently through the patient's nose into the back of the throat. The patient wears a data recorder on the waist where the data is stored and returned for analysis.

Capsule Endoscopy is a wireless procedure that enables the G-EyeMobile to view three areas of the small bowel. This aids physicians in determining possible causes of recurrent or unresolved symptoms of troublesome GI health. This hi-tech capsule contains a light source and camera. After ingestion, it collects data and sends it to a recorder worn on the patient's waist while continuing normal activities. At the conclusion of the study, the recorder is returned to the physician's office where the images are downloaded and reviewed.

The Holicobacter Pylori Breath Test is a non-invasive procedure that enables the physician to test for the presence of holicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach. The procedure is intended for patients who previously have tested positive for holicobacter pylori bacteria and still are experiencing recurring symptoms after antibiotic therapy.

The Lactulose Breath Test is another non-invasive procedure that tests for the presence of bacteria in the small intestine. The test is performed on-site by G-EyeMobile nursing personnel. This procedure is intended for patients who have a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or ongoing symptoms.

Appointments are made through primary care physicians. G-EyeMobile technicians will take care of any pre-authorization needs. The results are read by a board of certified gastrointestinologists with results sent to physicians for follow-up.