Hillsboro LTCU reporter

Residents enjoyed singing and exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

My dog, Bogie was here Monday and we played circle kickball with the residents. They get a big kick out of him as he bounces the ball off his nose back and forth to the residents.

Pam Buller, social services worker, had north and south hall meetings Monday and Wednesday.

The sewing club enjoyed cutting quilt blocks. They are getting ready to make their own quilted lap blanket.

The Herbel family came Tuesday to play games and sing. We also enjoyed some music from Gordon Eager before lunch. He plays a variety of songs on his keyboard.

Some residents gathered Tuesday morning to play cards. We also played bingo and had jelly beans to snack on since it was National Jelly Bean Day.

We made maracas Wednesday in honor of Cinco de Mayo Day. Because of the stormy weather, we elected to play Jingo instead of taking a van ride.

We made more decorations Thursday for Cinco de Mayo Day. We made flags and worked on a piñata. While working we shared some special memories of our lives from childhood to the present.

Thursday afternoon, Kellie Fisher, Jackie Kent, Ragina Oglie, and I played balloon volleyball with the residents.

The week ended Friday with our family tree project and bingo. We had popcorn and juice to round out the day.