HDC has first tenant at incubator building

Staff reporter

When people talk about the success of Hillsboro Industrial Park, they can't help but speak of the influence Hillsboro Development Corporation has had on that development and the Hillsboro community as a whole.

The board of directors of HDC always are looking for new and innovative ways to encourage economic development. Hillsboro Ventures Inc. was formed last year to work directly with innovative entrepreneurs.

One of the goals of HDC was to provide an incubator building for start-up businesses which was accomplished when a building was purchased at 301 N. Cedar, Hillsboro.

The 1,245 square foot was the former location of Mid-Kansas Products, Inc.

Since that acquisition, Hillsboro Manufacturing, LLC, which was located in the former AMPI building, needed a new location for its start-up tooling company.

It was a match that was made to be. Clint Seibel, executive director of HVI, assisted in the acquisition of the building and putting Ben Dalke and Nathon Daniels' business in the incubator building.

HDC's plan for the incubator building is to make it available to new businesses for a period of three to five years in anticipation of the business needing to relocate to a larger facility.

"They got us a place to live," Daniels said. "We needed three-phase electricity in the building and Clint got that taken care of with the city."

Seibel said that while HDC's overall purpose is promoting business and industry in Hillsboro, HIV's purpose is to assist individual business entrepreneurs to become successful in their businesses. HVI is not limited to working only with local Hillsboro businesses but is available to serve as a business consultant to Marion County and the area as opportunities arise.

Services provided by HVI include:

— Assistance with writing and developing a business plan.

— Development of cash flow projections.

— Guidance in finding adequate funding to establish a vibrant business.

— Assist in finding suitable facilities.

— Provide direction for product marketing and sales.

— Assistance with human resources needs.

— Provide assistance in product development and manufacturing.

— Serve as a consultant for all issues connected with a small business enterprise.