Hillsboro Area Impact Fund campaign reaches goal

Hillsboro Community Foundation announced recently that upon the closing of the Hillsboro Area Impact Fund capital campaign Dec. 31, pledges and contributions totaled more than $265,000, exceeding the goal of $250,000.

"This is the result of what a great community is made of," exclaimed HCF chairman Mike Kleiber in a memo to his fellow board members announcing the successful completion of the campaign. More than 100 donor households and businesses have pledged funds toward this campaign.

Earnings from the Impact Fund endowment will be distributed annually within the greater Hillsboro area through a grant application and selection process. Successful applicants will be those who assist in fulfilling the Foundation's mission to improve the quality of life for the community.

The Impact Fund is an open fund and will continue to accept contributions to build the endowment. The founding contributors have played a key role in establishing the fund with a substantial base on which to build.

In addition to Kleiber, current HCF board members are Jayson Hanschu, Jim Brennan, Delores Dalke, Brad Bartel, Jared Jost, Clark Wiebe, Keith Harder, Kim Kaufman, and Lynette Barkman. Questions may be directed to any of these board members.