Know what you're getting

It looks like voters in Marion County will have something besides the presidential race to vote on come November.

After hours and hours and hours of discussion, Marion County Commission has decided to put a bond question for a $7 million 72-bed jail facility on the November ballot.

Voters will have the opportunity to decide, but there is a lot of work to be done before we go to the polls.

Voters need to gather details and facts so we will be able to make an informed decision. There will be public meetings with officials on hand to answer questions. Hopefully, drawings and plans will be available so we'll be able to see what we're getting for our money.

Marion-Florence USD 408 voters went to the polls a little more than two years ago to approve a bond issue for the new performing arts center and indoor pool/gymnasium.

There were public meetings and drawings and folks had the opportunity to become informed about the projects before voting on them.

How many people attended those meetings? How many voters called school board members and asked questions? How many of us knew what we were getting when we checked that "yes" box on the ballot?

While the performing arts center is a magnificent facility and the indoor pool is shaping up to become one as well, some argue that we didn't get exactly what we voted for.

Why? Is it because the plans changed after the vote was approved? Or, were the changes made after asking for public input and receiving none?

It's water under the bridge now that the project is nearly complete. But it can serve as a lesson for future projects and bond issues.

It's imperative that voters become informed. Education is the key. Know what you are voting for. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive. Why would you mark a ballot without knowing the issue?

Get the facts.