Letter: After school program appreciative

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Foundation for awarding the Hillsboro Elementary After School Program a $1,000 to continue to provide after school activities. This money will help us fund many of our clubs and classes for the rest of this school year and through part of next year. This money will help us supplement funds that we have received in the past through other grants.

Along with the money that we receive from local service clubs this money will help pay teachers and supervisors for our clubs and classes.

Some of the clubs and classes offered are crafts clubs, Spanish class, community project clubs, guitar, chess, bike, and horseback riding clubs. A portion of this money will go to help pay for some students to participate in recreation activities, dance, and gymnastics. We also help some parents pay for summer camps for their children with the after school funds.

We are honored that the foundation chose us to be one of the recipients. The fact that this community has this foundation is a testament to its strength.

Mike Moran

after school coordinator