LETTERS: Grant funds appreciated

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the board of directors of the Hillsboro Community Foundation for contributing $1,000 to Marion County Emergency Medical Services.

These funds will be used to purchase a new airway mannequin. This mannequin will be used each year to teach and train emergency medical technicians to insert an airway device in the case of a respiratory or cardiac emergency. This technique is a practical exam that is tested at the state board exams.

With your help in purchasing this equipment, our personnel will be able to maintain current training requirements. Your generosity will not only help those in their training, but could eventually be the deciding factor in saving someone's life. Therefore, you have made a valuable contribution to the future of many.

When I attended your awards presentation, I was impressed with your foundation's generosity. The recipients are varied and cover a majority of the community's needs. Your foundation should stand as an example of what the people of a small community can do to improve our communities. I pray for your success in continuing such a valuable investment for your community.

Again, thank you for your grant to our service and may we both continue to serve our communities and the county to the best interests of our citizens.

Steven Smith

Director, Marion County Emergency Medical Services