New creativity projects added to schedule


Staff writer

Passers-by at the fair this year might be surprised to see decorated hay bales and duct tape purses.

Rickey Roberts is in charge of the hay bale decorating contest. He said, "They used to have this contest at the state fair. Somebody came up to me with the idea and said 'I think this would be a good idea, why don't we try it?' and I said, 'OK, why don't we try it?' So, now we're trying it."

The contest is for 4-H clubs to have the opportunity to show their creative side. There will be one hay bale per club and the only rule is that the decorations are related to the fair theme.

Roberts said, "It's really a for-fun event. It will be judged and there will be an award for the winner but it doesn't go to the state fair or anything like that. It's will help promote the clubs a little."

The hay bales can be seen being decorated throughout the beginning of the week, and perhaps even on a float in the parade. The bales will be judged Thursday.

The duct tape contest also is new this year. The contest is open to anyone. Participants can enter one item in each of the three categories — hat, wallet or purse, and clothing.

A workshop will be available at 7 p.m. Thursday in the 4-H building to show participants the ropes of creating duct tape accessories.

Participants then have 24 hours to create an item and the entries must be ready to be judged by 8 p.m. Friday.

The winner from each of the three classes will represent Marion County at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson in September.