Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

Hopefully, everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I wish everyone a successful new year. There were many family get-togethers the past few weeks. Everyone was especially glad to have electricity by Dec. 21, after about 11 days without for some of us. It was quite an experience.

The Harry Wedel family got together Dec. 21 at Sugar Creek School for a catered meal. This was in honor of the Wedels' 60th wedding anniversary and the family Christmas.

The Jason Wiebe family spent the Christmas holidays at Sheri's parents at Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada. Her parents had returned from Kenya, Africa, after spending five years there in mission service. They appreciated being together.

Getting together Sunday for a family Christmas at the home of Lisa Redger were the Mark Wiebe family and Sharon Redger Ingalls.

The Unruh family gathered Sunday at the Ron Unruh home for an early evening dinner. Guests were Jim and Brenda Enns, Darren and Lisa, Lon and Deb Hiebert and Matt, the Mark Unruh family, Warren Unruh family, and David Enns family.

The Nelson Wiebe family, Calvin Wiebe family, and Travis Koehn family were Christmas Day dinner guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe.

Dec. 24 supper guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were the Justin Wiebe family and Brian and Angela Unruh and Megan, all of Bloomfield, Iowa. They also were their houseguests for several days. Brian is their grandson. On Dec. 25, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and girls, Mark and Kris Wiebe and family, and Kendall and Susie Wiebe joined them and their houseguests for dinner. Byron and Rebecca Thomas and foster daughter, who had been to Oklahoma City to see relatives, joined them for supper.

Dec. 23 dinner guests of the Clayton Wiebes were John and Ethel Steiner, Irvin Isaac, Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Randal Steiner, and Paul and Della Nichols of Winton, Calif. Della is a sister of Ethel Steiner, who came for memorial services for Gerald Davis. The Nichols have been houseguests of Roy and Nadine Davis.

Guests Dec. 24 for an evening dinner at the Harry Rhodes home were the Calvin Wiebe family, Ken Giesbrecht family, Darrin Rhodes family, and Mike Rhodes family of Arkansas, who spent the holidays in the area visiting family and friends. They were houseguests of their parents.

Christmas Day guests of Roy and Nadine Davis were Rick and LaVae Koehn.

Most of the Isaac Wiebe family spent the evening of Dec. 26 with Helen Wiebe at the Manor in Moundridge. They brought refreshments to enjoy together.

Thursday evening supper guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were Larry and Wanda Koehn and family, Carol Ann Unruh, Travis and Sharon Koehn and family, Amy Koehn, and Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and Kyran.

Warren and Anita Unruh and family joined the rest of the Ed Funk family Dec. 29 for a post-Christmas dinner. It was hosted by Virgil and Joyce Funk at Trinity church fellowship hall.

Marcella Unruh's family was home Dec. 23 for their Christmas get-together.

Bruce and Cheryl Dirks left Dec. 10 to spend two weeks visiting their children, Allen and Heather Martin and daughter in Ghana, Africa. They came home Dec. 24, which was quite a shock weather wise as there in Africa it was very hot and humid. That evening they went to the home of Melvin and Vera dirks for a family Christmas. Other guests were the Brad Dirks family and Gavin and Donna Johnson and family of Texhoma, Texas. Christmas Day was spent at the home of Cheryl's mother, Verna Smith. They attended a Smith reunion Thursday and Friday at Cross Winds near Hesston. One day, there were 160 in attendance.

Lola Redger and Verla Redger went to Newton Christmas day to join the rest of their family at the home of Ray Redger. They enjoyed an early evening dinner together.