Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe visited Helen Wiebe Thursday evening at Moundridge Manor. They enjoyed the singing by a group from Burns.

A group from Morning Star Church went to the rescue mission at Salina Saturday. They gave a program, after which they helped with serving supper. They brought some of the refreshments.

Ron Unruh was a Saturday evening guest of Mark and Warren Unruh at a father-son-daughter banquet at Trinity church at Hillsboro. Others attending were Nathan, Kyle, Katelin, and Sarah Unruh.

Sunday supper guests at the home of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were the Jason Wiebe family, Mark Wiebe family, Merlin Wiebe family, and the school teachers. They celebrated the fifth birthday of Shannon Wiebe, Jason's daughter. After supper, the young people went to the school for a meeting.

Palmer and Lucille Base went to the 80th birthday celebration Sunday afternoon for Cathryn Hartman at the Temple church.

The Clayton Wiebe family gathered at their home Friday evening for supper.

Palmer and Lucille Base attended memorial services Saturday for Matthew Campbell at the Spring Valley Mennonite Church near Canton.

Those gathering for supper Sunday evening at the Scout House at Hillsboro were the Larry Koehns, Bruce Dirks, Quinton Unruhs, Warren Unruhs, Roy Davises, Wendell Wedels, Harlan Koehns, Darrel Rhodes, Duane Ratzlaff, and Dale Jantzes.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe and Ruston and Lydia Dirks were Sunday evening guests of Melvin and Vera Dirks of Hillsboro.

The senior citizens got together Wednesday noon for dinner and a program at the Durham Community Building. There were about 25 present.

Sunday dinner guests of Bob and Priscilla Unruh were Marcella Unruh and Leland Kaiser.