Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

This community was hit Wednesday by a hard downpour of rain and some hail. Reports of 4.5 to more than six inches of rain fell in a rather short time. There was water running through the streets of Durham and up to the doors of the businesses in town. So a lot of men have been repairing fences as they all are washed out wherever there was a creek going through. A lot of roads have large logs in the road.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe invited their family, the Nelson Wiebe family, Travis Koehn family, and the Calvin Wiebe family for Friday evening supper.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe went to the fund-raiser supper Friday evening for the Hope Valley School at the Hillsboro Senior Center. There was a short program.

Anthony and Beth Wiebe and Kendall and Susie Wiebe were Sunday dinner guests of the Merlin Wiebes.

Sunday dinner guests of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes were Terry and Barb Hiebert and family, Carol Ann Unruh, Rhonda Davis, Sarah Peachy, and Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family.

Rick and LaVae Koehn were Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Davis home.

Melvin and Vera Dirks and Ruston and Lydia Dirks were Sunday dinner guests at the Bruce Dirks home.

The kindergarten class and parents of the Cottonwood Grove School enjoyed a field trip to Marion.

Maria Jantz and Gavin of California arrived Saturday at the home of her parents, Wendell and Linda Wedel. They are here to spend time with family. Her husband, Newt will join her to visit in a week.