Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

News seems to be scarce this week as it is a busy season. Most of the milo and beans have been planted but there is a lot of hay and alfalfa to cut. A few farmers test cut wheat Saturday. If the weather stays favorable it will be time for everyone to get busy harvesting wheat. Everyone is hoping for a good harvest because last year there was very little wheat.

Guests for Sunday dinner at the Clayton Wiebe home were the Nelson Wiebe family, Travis Koehn family, and Calvin Wiebe family. They helped Nelson celebrate his birthday which was June 21.

Cheryl Dirks hosted a tea party Wednesday morning in honor of Vera Dirks. Friends were guests and enjoyed the morning together.

The Roy Davis family and Wendell Wedel family hosted a 90th birthday celebration for their mother and grandmother Amanda Wedel at Moundridge Manor. Relatives, friends, and former neighbors came to wish her well. Everyone enjoyed refreshments and the grandchildren honored her by singing a groups of songs for her.

Jim and Brenda Enns and Darren had Sunday dinner in the home of the Ron Unruhs.

Don and Marlene Sattelfield of Shawnee visited Sunday with Marcella Unruh. They were dinner guests of Bob and Priscilla Unruh with Leland Kaiser. Later Don, Marlene, and Marcella visited Matthew Schroeder at McPherson.

Carol Ann Unruh had Sunday dinner in the Ransom Wiebe home. In the afternoon they all went to Amanda's 90th birthday celebration.