Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

Ron and Dora Unruh, Mark and Barb Unruh, Katelin and Sarah, and Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna attended the 40th anniversary celebration Sunday for Jerald and Kaylene Unruh. It was hosted by their daughters and husbands, Jonelle Ensign and Shannon Smart at the Tabor Historic Church.

Sunday dinner guests at the home of Jarold and Rhonda Koehn were Clayton and Betty Wiebe, Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, and Ruston and Lydia Dirks.

Rick and LaVae Koehn were Sunday dinner guests of Roy and Nadine Davis.

Wendell and Linda Wedel took Amanda Wedel out for Sunday dinner.

Rhonda and Eileen Davis flew from Kansas City early Friday to Buhl, Idaho, for the wedding of Janelle Friesen and Darrin Koehn of Minnesota. They returned home Monday.

Those enjoying Sunday dinner at the home of Nelson and Bev Wiebe were Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Heath, Mark and Kris Wiebe and family, and Leonard Eicher.

Curt and Jeanie Stutzman and family of Harrisonburg, Va., were Wednesday and Thursday overnight visitors at the home of Mark and Barb Unruh. They all went to Hutchinson Thursday to visit Chad and Hillary Stutzman. They also visited the zoo and enjoyed the water park at McPherson. Curt is Barb's brother.

Those attending a wedding at Burns Sunday were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Anthony and Beth Wiebe, and Kendall Wiebe.

Attending the wedding of Cheryl Jantz at Stover, Mo., were the Greg Wedel family, Mitchell Unruh family, Richard Wiebes, Warren Unruhs, Harry and Sheryl Rhodes, and Dalton Wiebe family.

Last week's news

Most of the harvest was completed by July 4. Since then, a lot of beans and milo was planted into wheat ground. Now everyone wishes for rain. We had one rain during harvest of 1.25 inches June 26. Things were delayed but it was very needed. Farming is always a challenge.

The 50s group from Morning Star Church had a picnic Sunday evening at Cottonwood Point. There were a bout 10 couples in attendance.

Rhonda and Eileen Davis went to Kentucky the weekend of June 29 to visit Leonard and Dianne (Wedel) Peachy. Dianne taught school here a year ago.

Sunday supper guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were Nelson and Bev Wiebe and family, Terry and Barb Hiebert and boys, Harlin and Sherry Koehn, Darrel and Donita Rhodes, and Anthony and Beth Wiebe.

June 29 visitors of Richard and Kathy Dirks were Wayne and Betty Garrard of Albuquerque, N.M. Betty is Kathy's sister.

Katelin and Sarah Unruh left Thursday with Phillip and Amy Kauffman of Haven for Filer, Idaho. They attended the Saturday wedding of Amy's sister. They are nieces of Barb and the girls' cousins.

Bruce and Cheryl Dirks hosted a picnic supper July 4 at the Hillsboro park. Guests were Melvin and Vera Dirks, Larry and Wanda Koehn, Carol Ann Unruh, Irvin Isaac, Henry Redger, Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, and Anthony and Beth Wiebe.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe went to Montezuma Saturday for the wedding reception of her nephew, Brian and Rebecca Koehn. They were married June 5 in Wichita at the Botanical Gardens. The reception was at Betty's home place, where her youngest brother lives.

The Calvin Wiebe family left Friday to spend until Tuesday at the home of Mike and Mich Rhodes and family at Brodely, Ark.

Larry and Wanda Koehn hosted a family supper Wednesday evening. Denise left to teach Bible school for two weeks at Hague, Saskatchewan. She then will spend a week visiting her sister, Sara and Tom Penner at Swan River.

Mark and Kris Wiebe and family went to Cimarron June 29 to attend the wedding reception for Gladwin and Lisa Smith.

June 29 dinner guests at the Clayton Wiebe home were Darrel and Donita Rhodes, Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and Kyran, Ruston and Lydia Dirks, and Mitchell and Carol Unruh and family.

Mark and Barb Unruh met her niece, Dianna Finney and family from Buhl, Idaho, Sunday for breakfast in McPherson. They were returning home after visiting his relatives in the Kansas City area and her sister in Enid, Okla.

Katie Stutzman of Hydra, Okla., and her friend, Connie Heibert were Saturday dinner guests in the Larry Koehn home. Katie will teach middle grades this coming year at Cottonwood Grove School.

The Travis Koehn family and Harry and Sheryl Rhodes were July 4 guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe for a hamburger fry.

Richard and Kathy Dirks and Roy and Theresa Remmers spent July 4 at Galva enjoying Empire Day activities.