Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

This has been a beautiful week of wonderful fall weather. The farmers have been able to get back in the fields to harvest milo and beans. They also are now able to sow wheat that wasn't finished before the rain on Oct. 14. There will be some wheat that will have to be re-sowed because of the four and five-inch rains the week of Oct. 12-15.

Sunday guests of Mitch and Carol Unruh were her parents, Ron and Lydia Toews of Heart Valley, Alberta, Canada, Larry and Wanda Koehn, Denise and Titus, and Harlan and Sherry Koehn and Mark. The Toews' are spending some time visiting their daughter and family and are their houseguests.

Lola Redger, Jaraine Redger, Verla Redger, Ann Bartel, and Marcella Unruh attended the Roxbury church bazaar sale and supper Wednesday evening.

The Gerald Davis family got together Sunday at the Scout House at Hillsboro for dinner and visiting. The occasion was in honor of Orin and Rose Koehn and family who are on furlough from the Ukraine. Those attending were Richard and Charlotte Wiebe, Marlyn, Carlyn, and Arlyn, Roy and Nadine Davis, Rhonda and Eileen, Harold Davis, Gerald Davis, Troy and Marla Wiebe and family, and Rick and LaVae Koehn. Orin and Rose are houseguests of her parents, Richard and Charlotte. They will be returning to the Ukraine for two more years of mission work.

Sunday dinner guests of Ruston and Lydia Dirks were Harry and Sheryle Rhodes, Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, Dianne Wedel, Kendra Smith of Versailles, Mo., Melvin and Vera Dirks, and Richard and Janelle Unruh and family of Canton.

Marcella Unruh and Gene and Sue Unruh were Sunday dinner guests of Gerald and Pam Unruh at Salina.