Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

Those attending the wedding of Katrina Friesen and Douglas Nightingale this past weekend at Farwell, Texas, were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Clayton and Betty Wiebe, Nelson and Bev Wiebe and family, Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family, and Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and Kyran. Katrina is the daughter of Lester and Chris Friesen. The bride is a niece of Ransom, Ken, and Clayton. Ransom and Lillian spent Saturday night with Robert and LaVerna Koehn.

Bruce and Cheryl Dirks, Heath and Bethany were Sunday dinner guests of Ruston and Lydia Dirks. Melvin and Vera Dirks also were dinner guests. They helped Bethany celebrate her birthday.

Saturday supper guests of Jason and Sheri Wiebe were Lillian Wiebe, Bryan and Rebecca Thomas and foster daughter, and Jason's helper, Leo and friend Sandra.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe accompanied two other couples to Ithaca, Mich., Wednesday for a health care meeting. They stopped at Ann Arbor Thursday to visit a new guest house. They returned home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday dinner guests of Marcel and Wendy Unruh were Merlin and Karletta Wiebe, Jana and Janessa, Scott and Tami Koehn and Riley, and Irvin Isaac.

Enjoying Sunday dinner at the Doyle Wiebe home were Lillian Wiebe, Harry and Sheryle Rhodes, Anthony and Beth Wiebe, and Willis and Cindy Troyer and family of Ohio. The Troyers are Beth's parents.

Sunday evening supper guests of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes were Lillian Wiebe, Mitch and Carol Unruh and family, Ron and Lydia Toews of Canada, Clayton and Betty Wiebe, and Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family. The Toews are Carol's parents.

Sunday guests of Larry and Wanda Koehn to help Shelia celebrate her recent birthday were the Travis Koehn family, Dalton Wiebe family, Tim Koehn family, and Carol Unruh.

Wendell and Linda Wedel left early Saturday morning from Kansas City for California. On Sunday, they attended the wedding of Linda's nephew, Kale Giesbrecht to Joni Unruh at Glen, Calif. They spent a few days visiting their daughter, Maria and Newt Jantz and Gavin. They returned home late Wednesday.

Ashley Enns and children and Angie Walker and Jeremiah were Saturday evening visitors at the Ron Unruh home.