Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

There were many families that got together this week to celebrate with relatives and loved ones.

The Harry Wedel family got together Thursday at the school for their dinner. There was a good attendance with only a few grandchildren missing.

Thursday dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were the Jason Wiebe family, Deanna Koehn, and Leo, the Wiebes' hired hand. Deanna is the Wiebes' granddaughter and was their houseguest from Monday evening till Sunday morning. She teaches at Texaline, Texas.

Thanksgiving Day dinner guests at the Ron and Dora Unruh home were Junior and Shirley Unruh and Kristi DeVault of Hutchinson, Julie Unruh of Charlotte, N.C., Dwight Unruh of Melbourne, Fla., Jim and Brenda Enns and Darren, Lisa Enns of Manhattan, Lon and Deb Hiebert and Matt, Mark and Barb Unruh, Katelin and Sarah, Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna, and Teal Stutzman. In the afternoon, Kyle's ninth birthday was celebrated with cake and ice cream.

Thursday diner guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were the Doyle Wiebe family, Nelson Wiebe family, Earl and Violet Schneider, Betty's sister, and Melinda Schneider and Amanda Bender of Moundridge.

Bob and Ivy Toews of Sieler, Mich., have been houseguests at the Ruston Dirks home. They are Lydia's grandparents.

Lola Redger and Verla Redger joined the Redger family late Thursday afternoon for dinner at the home of Ray Redger at Newton.

Thursday guests of Roy and Nadine Davis were Richard and Charlotte Wiebe, Marlyn, Carlyn, and Arlyn.

Wendell Wedel celebrated his birthday Tuesday evening at the home of Greg and Charlene Wedel. Other guests were Travis and Connie Becker and Garrett of Halstead.

The birthdays of Janessa Wiebe and Lillian Wiebe were celebrated Friday evening at the Jason Wiebe home. Guests were the Ransom Wiebes, Merlin Wiebes, Mark Wiebes, Anthony and Beth Wiebe and Kendall, Susie Wiebe, and Deanna Koehn. Refreshments were served.

Funeral services for Irma Redger, 82, were held Saturday at Hardin, Mont. She and her husband, Jake, lived in this community some time ago. The Stuart Isaacs, Irvin Isaac, and Henry Redger went to the service.

Lola Redger left Friday to attend her high school reunion of the Alden School Friday and Saturday at Carienge, Okla. She returned home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday dinner guests of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Heath, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and visiting ministers, Doug Koehn of Livingston, Calif., and Richard Koehn of western Kansas.

Marcella Unruh joined the Gene Unruhs and Galen Unruhs Thursday and they enjoyed dinner out in Salina.

Ron and Dora Unruh, Julie Unruh, Dwight Unruh, Jim and Brenda Enns, Lisa and Darren, and Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna had breakfast Saturday morning at Main Street Café.

Dora Unruh accompanied Barb Unruh and Sarah and Teal Stutzman to Hesston Friday afternoon to hear Katelin Unruh sing in a Hesston College choir.

Larry and Wanda Koehn hosted the Koehn family Thanksgiving. There were 35 in attendance.

Congratulations to Darrin and Meri Kay Rhodes on the arrival of their son, Dustin Lee. He was born Nov. 21 at Mercy Hospital, Moundridge. He has two brothers to welcome him. Local grandparents are Harry and Sheryl Rhodes and great-grandparents are Harry and Lela Wedel.