Northwest of Durham

Durham correspondent

The news is limited as the community is without electricity and phones were out till Sunday. We had about six inches of snow Friday night and Saturday morning.

Mark and Barb Unruh, Katelin and Sarah went to McPherson Friday evening to meet her brother, Roger and Mary Stutzman of Twin Falls, Idaho, for supper. They were on their way to visit family in Iowa. Chad Stutzman of Hutchinson also joined them.

The community extends sympathy to the Roy Davis family. Roy's brother, Gerald Davis died Saturday. Memorial services were Wednesday at Alexanderfeld church.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe were Sunday dinner guests of the Jason Wiebes.

Ken and Sandy Wiebe, the Doyle Wiebe family, and Jason and Sheri Wiebe attended the pinning of LPN students Saturday afternoon at Hutchinson. Teresa Wiebe was one of the students.

Harry and Sheryl Rhodes, Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family, and Darren and Meri Kay Rhodes and family were Sunday dinner guests of Ken and Sheli Giesbrecht. They helped Calvin celebrate his birthday, which was Saturday.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe, Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Janene Wiebe and children, and Kara Wiebe and children went to Moundridge Manor Friday to help Helen Wiebe celebrate December birthdays. Some of the Morning Star women helped sing for residents and provided cakes.

The Ken Wiebes and Teresa Wiebe had an early Christmas celebration Sunday at the Doyle Wiebe home.

The Ron Unruhs, Warren Unruh family, and Mark Unruh family were Sunday afternoon guests at the Jim Enns home for a reception. This was in honor of Lisa Enns, who graduated from K-State. Other relatives and friends also joined in to bring best wishes on completing her degree in mechanical engineering.

Last week's news

News is rather scarce this week as the weather made everyone want to stay inside as much as possible. There were a number of cancellations because of the ice and sleet Saturday and Saturday night.

Byron and Rebecca Thomas and foster child were Friday evening visitors at the Ransom Wiebe home. They listened to a program by phone from Walker, Mo. Rebecca's brother, Randy Unruh was one of those involved in the program.

Sympathy is extended to the Warren Winter family. Many attended the memorial services Saturday at Trinity church.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe and Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family were Thursday evening supper guests of their hired hand, Leo Monton in Durham.

Clayton and Betty Wiebe went to Moundridge Manor Sunday to be with Helen Wiebe on her 88th birthday.

Merlin and Karletta Wiebe invited the teachers for Sunday dinner. They were Dianne Wedel, Rhonda Davis, and their daughter Janna Wiebe.

Dora Unruh accompanied Jim and Brenda Enns, Darren and David to commencement exercises at Kansas State University's Bramlage Coliseum Dec. 8. Lisa Enns graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Sunday dinner guests of Larry and Wanda Koehn were their family. They came to celebrate their daughter, Denise's birthday, which was Nov. 30.