Round the Town


Pfc. Neil Ollenburger of Fort Wainwright, Alaska, spent the Christmas holidays with his family, Gerald Ollenburger, the Wayne Ollenburgers, his sister and husband, the Brengmans of Wichita, and other family and friends.

Paul and Arlene Pankratz were Monday supper guests of Willis and Ruth Ann Penner.

Gene and Sue Seibel of Evansville, Ill., were weekend guests of Mary Seibel. Additional Sunday dinner guests were Lowell and Eleanor Jost and Karis and Amber Jost and children. The family spent Saturday in Hutchinson.

Celia Gross spent two weeks during the Christmas holidays in South Dakota visiting her sister, Ida Gross and other family and friends.

Willis and Ruth Ann Penner spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting Mike and Debbie Goossen and family at Beatrice, Neb. They celebrated Amber's birthday.

Kent and Emily Nichols of Hesston, Marissa Diener from K-State, and Paul and Arlene Pankratz were Sunday dinner guests of the Tim Dieners. They celebrated Marissa's birthday.

Virgil and Jean Oblander visited Clive Dunn Sunday at the hospital in Salina. They also visited Maxine Vogt at Canton.

Sunday dinner guests at the Oliver Unruh home were Keith Hanneman of Pennsylvania, Delbert, Gloria, and Becky Hanneman of Wichita, Sid and Irma Unruh and family of Newton, Wilbur Hanneman and Beverly Elliott of Hillsboro.