Round the town


Paul and Arlene Pankratz were Saturday dinner guests at the Elmer Seibel home at Newton. Other guests were Marty and Leora Schneider of Milford, Neb., Jay and Luella Burkhart of Newton, and Gerald and Loretta Seibel of Kechi. They celebrated the birthdays of Paul, Dorothy, and Elmer, which were Jan. 31.

Duane and Shirley Hamm hosted a birthday party Sunday for Duane and their grandson, Ty Goossen. Guests were Greg, Charlene, Dillon, and Whitney Thiessen of McPherson and Tim, Sherry, and Ty Goossen of rural Hillsboro.

Albert, Sarah, and Andrew Christensen of Bel Aire were Saturday guests at the Hamm home.

Rubena Bartel was the honored guest at a reception Sunday afternoon at the senior center for her 90th birthday. Hosts were her family, Milford and Janelle Klaassen and family of rural Hillsboro, Ron and Loretta Paxton and Tyler and Diane Ewert and family of Wichita. Many family and friends came to greet her.

Karen Haug of Jetmore spent the weekend with her parents, Oliver and Marcella Mohn.

Connie Wiens' sister, Gloria Gates of Illinois spent the week with Pastor Curtis and Connie Wiens. Additional weekend guest were Connie's niece and husband, Rhonda and David Wehmeyer of Kansas City.

Last week's news

Paul Pankratz and Emily Nichols of Hesston were honored for their January birthdays Saturday at a dinner at the Pankratz home. Guests were Kent and Emily Nichols of Hesston, Ken Pankratz of Durham, Marissa Diener of Manhattan, and Tim and Donna Diener of Hillsboro.

Valerie Hampton was a Sunday dinner guest of her mother, Lois Sklenar at Tampa. Her brother, Greg Sklenar of Wichita, also was a guest.

Duane Hamm was the honored guest Sunday at a birthday dinner at a Wichita restaurant. Other guests were his wife, Shirley, Albert, Sarah, and Andrew Christensen of Bel Aire, and Dee and Benita Waggner and family of Sedgwick.

Malvin and Darlene Schmidt had Sunday dinner out with their son, Leroy Schmidt and Jerry and Melissa Bruce and family at McPherson. They celebrated Leroy's birthday.

Alma and Clara Toews joined other guests Monday evening for a verenika supper at the home of Nellie and Leanne Penner at Hillsboro.

Clara and Alma Toews joined Elaine Holdeman Thursday evening for supper at Hesston. A group of other ladies also attended.

Weekend guests of Alma and Clara Toews were Rod and Edith Yost and family of Iroquois, S.D. They all joined the Marvin and Pearl Ensz family for supper Saturday evening.