Round the town


The Leonard Heins hosted a belated Easter and birthday dinner Sunday for their family. Those who attended were Kevan and Vicki Hein and John of Durham, Todd and Jayleen Hein and Andrew Hein of Tampa, Toni and Brandi Hein, Henry and Grace of Newton, and Monica Hein of Lawrence. They celebrated the birthdays of Kevan, Vicki, and Jaylene.

Irene Bezdek attended confirmation services Sunday at the Alter Gate Methodist Church, Wichita. Irene's granddaughter, Madison Salsgiver, was one of the confirmation candidates. Bezdek was the Salsgivers' noon dinner guest.

Tim and Donna Diener hosted a birthday supper for their son-in-law, Kent Nichols of Hesston. Guests were Kent and Emily Diener, Marissa Diener of Manhattan, Ken Pankratz of Durham, Holly Fessenden of Oklahoma City, Okla., Dave and Sherilyn Kadel of Randall, and Paul and Arlene Pankratz.

Holly Fessenden was a weekend guest of her grandparents, Paul and Arlene Pankratz. Dave and Sherilyn Kadel also were Saturday dinner guests at the Pankratz's. Marissa Diener was a Sunday breakfast guest.

Valorie Hampton attended the wedding of Eric Roble and Michelle Steele April 5 at the Mennonite Brethren church.

On April 14, Oliver and Marcella Mohn celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an open house at Hillsboro Senior Center. Family members were dinner guests Friday evening in the Oliver Mohn home. Those who attended were Gordon and Vicky Mohn of Hillsboro, Jeremy and Avery Mohn and Rylan of Olathe; Justin and Jenny McKnight and Paxton of Lindsborg, Bob and Karen Haug and Tiffany of Jetmore, Russell and Kara Haug of Park City, Ryan and Risa Haug of Wichita, Jeryl and Vicki Mohn of Sugar Land, Texas, and Justin Mohn and Erin Cameron of Bellingham, Mass. Joining the family on Saturday were Jason and Rachel Mohn, Krya, Karsten, and Amara of Salina.

A Saturday morning bridal shower was held for Erin Cameron, fiancé of Justin Mohn at the Oliver Mohn home. Guests who attended were Vicky Mohn, Arlene Pankratz, Donna and Marissa Diener, Emily Nichols, Sherilyn Kadel, Valera Hamm, Bonnie Winter, Barbara Williams, Kyra Mohn, Myrna and Morganne Hamm, Marcella Mohn, Vicki Mohn, and Debbie Huffman. Hostesses were Justin Mohn's cousins, Rachel Mohn, Kristy Mohn, Jenny McKnight, Tiffany Haug, Kara Haug, and Risa Haug.