Round the town


Oliver and Marcella and Gordon and Vicky Mohn attended church services Sunday and the dedication of Gordon and Vicky's granddaughter, Amara Mohn, daughter of Jason and Rachel Mohn at the New Covenant Church, rural Salina. Following the service, they were luncheon guests at the Jason Mohn home.

Trudy Pankratz of Abilene and Andrew Pankratz of Tabor College were Friday afternoon visitors at the Paul Pankratz home. Gus and Mildred Hamm of Tampa and Herb Pankratz of Abilene visited Sunday evening.

Bernice McDowell spent a week with Brian and Shirley Lewis at Wichita.

Gaylord and Valera Hamm and Ken Pankratz of Durham, Gus and Mildred Hamm and Jim Hamm of Tampa, and Oliver and Marcella Mohn and Paul and Arlene Pankratz of Hillsboro had Thursday dinner together at the Red Barn at Durham.

Malvin and Darlene Schmidt and Wilma Schmidt of Hillsboro and Leroy Schmidt of McPherson were among many who attended a birthday party Saturday afternoon for Malvin's niece, Margaret Elliott at Wichita. After the party, Malvin, Darlene, Wilma, and Leroy visited Emmanual and Evelyn Schmidt at Wichita.

Neva and Bonnie Fast and Marissa Zavier were Thursday supper guests at the home of Linda Coffee and her mother, Anysta Parri who is visiting from California.