Round the town


Pastor Phil and Judy Glanzer, the former pastor of Celia Grosse in South Dakota, spent the weekend with Celia. The couple now resides in Minneapolis, Minn. The Glanzers came to Hillsboro to attend the inauguration of Tabor's new president, Jules Glanzer.

Jerry and Joan Jost attended a 16th birthday celebration for their granddaughter, Jandee Miles. It was held at the Richard Mellott home near Peabody and hosted by her parents, Sheldon and Karen Miles, and Jerry and Joan Jost. Approximately 100 guests enjoyed the luau theme.

Dave and Mary Lancaster joined Alvin and Arlene Hett and son, Kevin, for dinner Sunday evening at Salina to celebrate Kevin's graduation from nursing school at Hutchinson.

Willabeth Gonzalez and Laura Rowe of Newton were Sunday dinner guests of Bill and Betty Meier.

The Elgin and Rubena Bartel family, the Klaassens, and Bartels had a family reunion at Salem. Ron and Faith Klaassen and Jonathan of Newark, N.J., and other family members from Wichita were present.

Weekend guests at the Duane Hamms were Myron Hamm of South Carolina and Austin and Justin Hamm of Spring Hill.

Ty Goossen was one of the graduates Sunday afternoon at Hillsboro High School. Those attending his graduation and reception were his parents, Tim and Cherie Goossen, Duane and Shirley Hamm, Myron Hamm, Austin and Justin, Albert and Sarah Christensen and Andrew of Bel Aire, and other relatives.

Duane and Shirley Hamm, Tim and Cherie Goossen and Ty, and other relatives attended the graduation and reception Saturday for Austin Hamm at Spring Hill.