Round the town


Duane and Shirley Hamm attended the graduation May 22 of their granddaughter, Sarah Christenson, from Wichita Heights High School at Kansas Coliseum. Norma Ballard of Topeka and other relatives also attended the graduation and reception.

Edward Hiebert of Tempe, Ariz., spent a week with his mother, Velda Hiebert.

Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham visited the Paul Pankratz residence Wednesday evening.

Norman and Dot Ensz attended the May 18 high school graduation of their granddaughter, Stephanie Ens, at Maize. Stephanie is the daughter of Terry and Joni Ens.

Norman and Dot Ensz and Randy Ensz flew to Warner Robin, Fla., to attend their granddaughter, Alicia Ensz's, graduation. Her parents are Randy Ensz and Mark and Lisa Johnson.

Oliver and Marcella Mohn spent the weekend at Jetmore, visiting the Bob Haug family.

Mary Seibel and Eleanor Jost visited Wallace and Dolly Seibel Monday in Wichita.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weibert attended the wedding reception for newlyweds Chris and Linda Weibert. The reception was held at Aggie Hall in Manhattan. Chris is the son of the Warren Weiberts of Manhattan.