Round the town


The Jeff Price family of Denver, Colo., and Molly Fessenden of Oklahoma City, Okla., spent the weekend with their grandparents, Paul and Arlene Pankratz. David and Sherilyn Kadel of Randall, Ken Pankratz of Durham, Kent and Emily Nichols of Hesston, and Tim and Donna Diener and Marissa joined them Saturday evening for a cook-out to celebrate Father's Day and Jenny Price and Arlene's birthdays. From there, the Prices and Holly spent the rest of the weekend with their parents, David and Sherilyn Kadel.

Julie Arquello of Costa Rica spent the weekend with her parents, Bill and Betty Meier. Socco and Willabeth Gonzalez and Laura Rowe of Newton were additional guests.

Marley Larsen of Salina spent a week with her grandmother, Irene Bezdek.

Ryan and Lynnae Craft and family of Wichita and Eric and Jenny Rector of Hillsboro were Father's Day dinner guests at the home of Kirby and Kathy Rector.

Lorraine Shumaker of Denton, Texas, and Duane and Vickie Shumaker of Bossier, La., spent from Monday through Thursday visiting Allen and Elma Schlehuber and other family and friends in the area. Other visitors were Eldon and Emma Weber of Herington and Merle and Sherolyn Schlehuber and Maci of rural Hillsboro.

Weekend guests at the home of Pastor and Connie Wiens were Karl and Chris Graff and family of Fremont, Neb., and Carson and Marie Wiens and Max of Norman, Okla. The Wiens' granddaughter, Sarah Graff, is spending a couple of weeks with her grandparents.

Wilbur and Florence Hett were guests of Alvin and Arlene Hett on Father's Day at the Crown Uptown Theater, Wichita.