Round the town


Duane and Shirley Hamm attended the Gates family reunion from Friday to Sunday at Salt Plains State Park, Jet, Okla. Shirley's sister, Norma Ballard of Topeka spent one and one half weeks with the Hamms attending their 25th wedding anniversary and the Gates reunion, returning home Sunday evening.

Mary Riffel of Rose Hill spent Saturday afternoon with Wilbur and Florence Hett.

Bernice McDowell spent four days with Brian and Shirley Lewis in Wichita.

Norman and Dot Ensz spent Father's Day with their family at the home of the Gordon Ens family at Andover.

Jerry and Joan Jost spent the weekend with Joan's mother, Elda Mellott at their home and also at her home in Peabody.

Guests at Myrta Bartel's Sunday were Joe and Kathy Zimmerman and boys of Harper, the Marlin Bartel family, Ron Bartel family, Doug Bartel family, Eric and Danielle Bartel, and Ryan and Tonya Bartel and Eva.

Ryan and Tonya Bartel and Eva of Hesston were Saturday dinner guests at the Doug Bartels.

Jay and Luella Burkhart and Dorothy Seibel of Newton visited Tuesday afternoon at the Paul Pankratz home.