Round the town


Forty-three members of the late Bill and Leah Hamm family met Thursday evening at the Durham Community Building for their Thanksgiving meal. The Paul Pankratzs, Oliver Mohns, Gordon Mohns, and Tim Dieners from Hillsboro attended. The Gaylord Hamms of Durham and Oliver Mohns were hosts.

Gus and Mildred Hamm of Tampa and Tim, Donna, and Marissa Diener were Tuesday evening visitors at the Paul Pankratz home.

Dave and Mary Lancaster spent the Thanksgiving weekend with George and Lucille Lancaster and other family in Kansas City.

Jerry and Joan Jost were Thanksgiving Day dinner guests at the Keith and Charla Jost and family home at McPherson.

Darold and Beverly Klein and Cameron and Val and Gavin Klein of Colorado were Friday supper guests at the Wayne Ollenburgers.

Christine Kyerson, Madi and Jacob spent several days over the Thanksgiving weekend with Paul and Elaine Jantzen. Thanksgiving Day they all joined other guests at the home of Tim and Lisa Donahue, rural Lincolnville.

Thanksgiving Day dinner guests at the Doug Weinbrenners were Richard and Kathy Dirks, rural Tampa; Pat and Charlie Ford, Newton; Dale Wilson, Emily and Quin, Colorado; Eric and friend, Danielle Friesen, Tyler Weinbrenner, Audrey Weinbrenner and friend, Spencer Brown, and Candace Weinbrenner and friend, Daniel Jost.

Betty Medley's Thanksgiving guests were Freida Birkle, the Rick Medley family, and a friend of Russel Medley's, the Terry Medley family, and the Chris Kostelac family.

Beverly Elliott of Hillsboro, Paul and Chrystal Aimsworth and family of Arkansas, Jamie and Tracy Mull and family of Howard, and Tony and Lynette Mull and Marcus of Newton were Thanksgiving Day dinner guests of the Oliver Unruhs.

Gene Warren and Janine Oblander of Colorado, Bert Oblander of Newton, and Jonas and Kim Frantz of Tampa were Thanksgiving dinner guests at the Virgil Oblanders.

Last week's news

Dr. Bobby and Chelli Jones and Abrey came Thursday to spend the weekend with their grandmother, Irene Seibel. Others who joined them later were Clint and Evelyn Seibel of Hillsboro, Chris Seibel of Kansas City, Kelly and Gracie Gulker, Katherine, Christian, and Sara of Manhattan, Lovella Kilpatrick, David and Kelly Kilpatrick, Gregory and Brianne of Belton, Mo., Ralph and Cindy Seibel, Jason and Nikki Bonds, Laurel, Chole, and Harrison, and Josh and Anna Vibert of Atlanta, Fla. Saturday was spent at the senior center. Sunday morning they attended Ebenfeld church and dinner at the Mexican restaurant at Hillsboro.

Virgil and Jean Oblander spent several days with Georgie Medley at Liberty, Mo.

Dee and Benita Waggner of Sedgwick and Jeanie Boges of Valley Center were Wednesday supper guests of Duane and Shirley Hamm.

Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham were Wednesday evening visitors at the Paul Pankratzs.

Florence Hett was the honored guest at a celebration at the Brookville Hotel in Abilene for her 80th birthday. Those attending included her husband, Wilbur Hett, Carolyn Hamm and Duane and Shirley Hamm, all of Hillsboro; Von and Norma Pschigoda of Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Rod Riffel of Rose Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Rick Riffel of Phillipsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Brennan Riffel and family of Sterling; Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Riffel and Isaac Riffel and friend of Olathe; Alexa Riffel and friend of Lawrence; Mr. and Mrs. Chad Tischhauser and family of Council Grove; and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Webb and family of Fort Scott.

Jerry and Loretta Janzen of Enid, Okla., visited at the Paul Pankratzs Sunday afternoon.

Julie Arquello of Costa Rica spent some time with her parents, Bill and Betty Meier, while her husband is doing surgical work in Colorado.