School board takes care of routine business

Staff reporter

The meeting of the USD 410 board of education began July 14, with the election of board officers.

Rod Koons was re-elected as board president and Eddie Weber was re-elected as board vice president. Both men are serving a third term in their respective positions.

Board members were appointed to serve on other education-related boards. Deb Geis will continue to serve as the representative on the Marion County Special Education board, Mark Rooker as TEEN representative, Koons as chief negotiator and Dale Klassen as assistant negotiator, Gary Andrews as professional development council representative, and Brent Barkman as KASB (Kansas Association of School Boards) governmental relations representative.

Any board member can serve as alternates on the TEEN or MCSEC boards.

Membership to KASB was approved for $7,455, with the participation in the KASB's legal assistance fund for $1,100 per year.

Following a 45-minute executive session, the board approved a contract for classified personnel and pay rates for non-contracted personnel.

Classified personnel contract:

Changes in the classified personnel contract included a $50 per month benefit increase to be used for health insurance. Personnel will receive $310 per month through Sept. 30. After that time, they will receive a $360 per month which is to be used exclusively for health insurance provided through the ESSDACK (Education Services and Staff Development Association of Kansas) consortium.

No classified staff will be expected to report to work when school is called off because of inclement weather. The time missed will be paid as it would be on a regular day. Time will not have to be made up in order to receive pay. Employees will not be required to fill out absence forms or request for leave forms. If an employee or supervisor believes it is necessary to report to work, prior approval must be obtained. If approved, the employee will be paid time-and-a-half.

Also approved as a part of the contract was a reduction of days per week worked by Ronda Wiens in Hillsboro Elementary School food services. Per Wiens request, she wants to work four days per week. Norma Cabeen will work the remaining hours.

The board also approved a contract for Brandi Hendrix, the new executive director of TEEN. USD 410 has held the contract for the other school districts.

Non-contracted pay rates

Hourly pay rates for employees who receive compensation but do not have a regular employment contract were approved. A three percent pay rate was approved for those staff members with bus drivers receiving a pay increase to $11.

The board approved to pay activity bus drivers a rate of $11 per hour or the driver's regular rate of pay as a contracted driver, whichever is greater. Teachers who drive for an activity also will be paid $11 per hour for driving time only.

Other rate increases include (per hour):

Aide, At-Risk programs (HHS/HMS), from $7.55 to $7.75.

Aide, Title I and others, cook, secretary, custodian, and para-educators, $7.30 to $7.50.

Former employees, $8 to $8.25.

Bus driver, $8.40 to $8.85, former employee, $9 to $9.45.

Accompanist/instrumental aide, $7.60 to $7.80.

Bus stop supervisor, $11 to $11.30.

Detention supervisor (HHS/HMS), $8.25 to $8.50.

ELL tutor, $10.60 to $10.90.

GAP activity supervisor, $6.60 to $7.

Suspension supervisor (HHS) (in/out of school), $10.60 to $10.90.

Summer maintenance (teacher), $12 to $12.35.

Summer student help, $7.50 to $7.70.

Summer tech assistant (teacher), $17.20 to $17.70.

Substitute teachers

The pay rate will increase from $85 per day to $87.50.

Consent agenda:

The board approved the consent agenda which contained many housekeeping issues that are typical for the beginning of a school year.

Meeting dates

The board will continue to meet at 7 p.m. on the second Mondays of each month in the Hillsboro High School/Middle School technology center.

School calendar structure

State statutes require the board adopt a calendar based on either 186 days or 1,116 hours of instruction. In the past, the board has opted to use the hour option which is what the board approved for this year.

Appointment of district officials

Board clerk, Jerry Hinerman.

Deputy board clerk, Evan Yoder.

Board treasurer, Carla Harmon.

Food service representative, Harmon.

Hearing officer for appeals, lunch program, Doug Huxman.

Title I coordinator, Yoder.

Federal programs coordinator, Yoder.

District KPERS agent and administrator, Hinerman.

Section 504 compliance coordinator, Huxman.

Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator, Huxman.

Freedom of Information officer, Huxman.

Compliance coordinator for Title VI, VII, and IX, Huxman.

Truancy officers, Max Heinrichs, Greg Brown, Yoder.

Activity fund supervisors, Heinrichs, Brown, Yoder.

Depository of district funds

The board approved Emprise Bank, Hillsboro State Bank, and Central National Bank as depositories of district funds and designated these institutions as eligible for investment purposes.

Hillsboro State was designated as the depository for operational funds.

Authorized credit card holders

Credit limits of $2,000 each were established for Huxman, Yoder, Brown, Heinrichs, activities director Robert Rempel, and transportation and maintenance supervisor Keith Goossen.

Hinerman and technology director Jason Henry have $10,000 each credit limits on the credit cards.

Other items on consent agenda

The board also approved the various accounts and the people authorized to sign checks and perform other financial functions, agenda items for each board meeting, Home Rule resolution, the revised 2008-09 school calendar, Hillsboro Star-Journal as the school's official newspaper, and the USD 410 Education Association as the official bargaining unit of the district's teaching staff.