Tabor College adopts new trademark logo

After more than a year on the drawing board and loads of input from students, alumni, faculty, and friends, Tabor College has adopted a dramatic new trademark logo.

The image — a crossed T in vivid Tabor blue — gives the college an updated icon for the digital world, while preserving its identity as a Christ-centered liberal arts college.

In unveiling the new logo today, President Jules Glanzer said, "It was clear that our logo needed to honor our past while at the same time embrace our future. It needed to appeal to both our alumni and those who were considering Tabor for their education. Above all, it needed to communicate that we are a Christian College. Our Christ-centeredness is front and center and boldly stated."

"I personally wanted it to be simple, appealing, and have 'pop' and draw attention to it on the printed page," he added. "I think that this logo meets all these requirements."

The logo was created by Diane Steiner, senior designer of the Tabor Communications Department, which creates public relations and marketing materials at the college.

"Diane listened well and was able to conceptualize all the words that we speak when we speak about Tabor College," Glanzer said. "Lots can be said about this logo, but at the heart it communicates that Christ is at the center of Tabor."

The new trademark logo replaces the previous logo, which showed the roof and pillars of the H.W. Lohrenz Building, the most well-known structure on campus.

While some constituents strongly favored keeping the familiar campus pillars in the new logo, Glanzer pointed out that ever-increasing numbers of Tabor College constituents attend classes at the School for Adult and Graduate Studies in Wichita or take courses through the Internet.

"One of the things that I have learned since coming back to Tabor is that we are more than a Hillsboro campus now and our future will include more than Hillsboro," said Glanzer, who graduated from Tabor in 1974 with a degree in Business Administration. "A new logo needed to embrace the broader Tabor community and vision."

Since the new logo will appear on the college's marketing materials, the school's attorney has applied for trademark registration to secure legal rights to its unique design.

"I don't expect everyone to love this logo," Glanzer said. "We all have different tastes when it comes to images and symbols. But I do expect it to be embraced by a large number of people and also that it will grow on us as time goes by."