Taser useful in domestic standoff

Area law enforcement recently saw first-hand the benefits of using a taser instead of a gun.

Marion County Communications received a call at 10:07 p.m. Jan. 22 in regards to a domestic disturbance at 2527 Goldenrod, Hillsboro.

A male subject and his sister were fighting when the man chased the woman off the property with a knife.

According to Marion County Sheriff Lee Becker, three sheriff's deputies, a Marion police officer, a Hillsboro police officer, and he responded to the call.

When authorities arrived, the man ran inside the house and onto a second story balcony. Besides contending with the distraught subject, authorities also had to contend with a large dog at the residence.

After negotiating for two hours, the decision was made by authorities to end the standoff. Officers broke through a locked back door of the house while Marion County Sheriff Sergeant Jeff Soyez, who was on the ground in front of the balcony, received a signed statement from the man on the balcony.

The man was pulled by his pant leg from the balcony as officers ran through the house and to the balcony.

Hillsboro Police Officer Steven Janzen fired his taser at the suspect to keep him from harming officers and himself.

Joseph Caudle, 31, was arrested, handcuffed, and transported to Hillsboro Community Medical Center with minor injuries. He was treated and released.

Becker commended Janzen on following the proper procedure with the taser and credits the taser for a peaceful ending of the situation.