Vinduska to offer treated soybean seed


Staff writer

Terry Vinduska of Marion recently completed a two-day training seminar at Johnston, Iowa, on soybean treatment techniques. Vinduska is a Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative in this area.

After the hands-on training, he purchased the necessary equipment to provide the treated seed to his customers this spring.

"I'm looking for ways to protect the investment my customers make in their seed," Vinduska said.

He noted that seed treatment reduces risk and maximizes genetic potential.

Large, 25-pound boxes of seed are set on top of the treatment tank, and the seed runs through it, then is elevated out into the customer's truck or trailer.

One tank contains Optimize, a patented innoculant combined with a plant growth hormone that stimulates growth.

Another tank applies three fungicides which help prevent seed and seedling decay and increase emergence, an insecticide to protect against early-season insects, and a polymer over all, to change the surface of the seed from sticky to smooth and make it flow better.

As required by law, a colorant is added to indicate the seed has been treated and cannot be sold for human consumption.

Customers can choose just the Optimize treatment or both.

"You have to have a big enough customer base to afford the equipment," Vinduska said. "And at the current price of $12 a bushel, the added expense of the treatment is justified for producers."