Winter weather settles in

Staff reporter

The weather outside was more than a little frightful Dec. 22, when a strong north wind caused near white-out conditions in Marion County.

The calendar marked the first day of winter and was it ever.

The wind picked up strength during the day Dec. 21, and by the next morning the north wind was blowing 20 to 30 mph.

Add snow to the wind speed and Marion County residents experienced a winter fury.

What could have been many inches of snow ended up only be a few when the wind died down in late afternoon.

Snow plows and motor graders were out in full force Dec. 23 to clear highways, county roads, and streets.

Warmer temperatures quickly melted the snow, leaving only a few snow banks in rural areas and piles of snow and ice in parking lots.

Christmas Day was pleasant with highs in the 40s, making a fairly easy to trip to Grandma's house.

More snow is in the forecast in the coming days, reminding Kansans of the true meaning of winter.