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May 31, 1878

Upon investigating our Record files preparatory to having them bound, we find two papers missing, namely: the issues of April 26, 1873, and August 22, 1874. We will give a year’s subscription to the Record for a copy of either of the above issues, and in addition will be very grateful for the favor.

The smallpox is prevailing to a slight extent in several localities in the state. Newton and Wichita have it. Are you vaccinated, reader? If not, why not?

A project is on foot to light Marion Centre with gas.

Marion County has grown so rapidly that we really don’t believe its people appreciate its marvelous development as they should. Eight years ago, there were only 768 people in the county; now there are 8,306—an average yearly increase of 942, for eight years! Had it not been for the grasshopper backset of ’74, our county would contain several thousand more residents than it does.

Durham Park is a good place to visit. There are plenty of strawberries up there and no bad dogs.

Peabody will not celebrate the Fourth, we understand. Her citizens will “scatter” as their tastes and inclinations dictate.

At Marion Centre the temperance and Sabbath school workers of the county will meet in Billings’ beautiful park and have a genuine, genteel good time.

Florence also is preparing for a big celebration. It will be held in their new Park recently opened by Geo. E. O’Brien, on Mr. Barker’s place near town.

We hear of no other celebrations to be held in the county.

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