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These schools released honor rolls this past week. A grade-point average of 4.000 indicates all A’s; 3.000 indicates all B’s.

3rd Quarter

High Honors

6th Grade — SiouxAna Armsted, Lanie Branson, Kenzlie Brewer, Madison Creevan, Allie Harshman, Cali Hendricks, Tripp Holloway, Zeke Janzen, Carlynn Johnson, Nevaeh Jones, Evan Kealy, Mariella Koehn, Clementine Madgwick, Jymer Raymer, Olivia Smith, Trenton Sprowls, and Miles Tajchman, 4.0000; Anani Ensley and Devlin Kealy, 3.9286; Landon Hendricks, Trey Kraus, and Allyson Vogel, 3.8571; and Wesley Warnica, 3.7857.

7th Grade — Alexandra Carlson, Kael Dameron, Hugh Guetterman, Kevon Jones, Brylee Smith, and Shelby Summervill, 4.0000; Sybil Bowman, 3.9286; Reagan Cooper, Ryder Kraus, and Ryker Salsbury, 3.8571; and Cadence Bialek, Izabel Branson, Haley Suffield, Rylee Thomas, and Aubrey Whiteman, 3.7857.

8th Grade — Margaret Collett, Delaney Hostetler, Alyica Jones, Dylan Kraus, Jessica Methvin, Kaelynn Metro, Jordy Raymer, Eliza Richardson, and Kate Wessel, 4.0000, and Ava Box, Zayden Janzen, and Tandice Tajchman, 3.8571.

Regular Honors

6th Grade — Makinna Kangas and Ryan Tharp, 3.7143; Adyson Thornhill, 3.6429; Easton Babcock, Hagen Gardner, Landon Levis, and Avery Tyler, 3.5714; and Mia Campbell and Oliver Norris, 3.5000.

7th Grade — Myles Ash, Reese Oursler, and Kiersten Wildin, 3.7143; Brooklynn Ottensmeier, 3.6429; Brooklyn Beery and Caileigh Johnson, 3.5714; and Olivia Mathews, 3.5000.

8th Grade — Cooper Jirak, Mason Samuels, and Isaac Wesner, 3.7143, and Maddison Beery, Liran Wasmuth, and Carson Watts, 3.5714.

Honorable Mention

6th Grade — Carter Darrow, 3.3571; Justin Wages, 3.2857; Braelyn Lorance and Gizelle Ramirez, 3.0714; and Ayden Britton, 3.0000.

7th Grade — Austin Richardson, 3.4286; Dalton Boone, Wyatt Ostlee, Trianna Sultaire-Stevens, and 3.3571; Grayson Smith, 3.2857; Jeremiah Nienstedt, 3.2143; Kayleigh Pacelli, and 3.1429.

8th Grade — Vyolett Dawson, Jackson Howard, and Hitch Soyez, 3.4286; Tripp Peterson, Noah Schmit, and Cheyenne Wilson, 3.3571; Adam Drow and Sydney Martin, 3.2857; Jeremy Vogel, 3.2143; and Teegan Kraus and Kaden Smith, 3.0000.

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