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No arrests for scaling elevator

Staff writer

Three people were detained, a vehicle was towed, but no one was jailed after what was reported as an attempt to scale and break into a seasonal MKC grain elevator at 11:13 p.m. Friday in Florence.

A Peabody officer, two on-duty sheriff’s deputies, Undersheriff Larry Starkey, and Sheriff Jeff Soyez all responded to the report.

Deputy Joel Womochil radioed all officers to turn off their lights and sirens at the US-50/77 roundabout and approach silently.

“I’ve got some people standing up here on the berm,” Peabody officer Joshua Wilson, who was first on the scene, radioed to Womochil. “They say they’re climbing the elevator right now as we speak.”

Two male suspects, ages 38 and 42, and one female suspect, age 51, were detained.

According to monitored transmissions, none had a valid driver’s license. The men’s licenses were suspended. The woman had an ID card only.

One of the men reportedly admitted to being wanted in Sedgwick County, but a check by dispatchers found no warrants against him.

A silver 2015 Chevrolet Cruise, for which the female suspect apparently had the keys, was towed.

Kansas Highway Patrol also was contacted, but troopers apparently did not wish to become involved.

Undersheriff Larry Starkey said the climbers and a woman who was waiting in a vehicle would face charges of criminal trespass.

Starkey said the group “really didn’t have a reason” for climbing the elevator.

“There had been some alcohol consumed,” he said.

The climbers were about a third of the way up the elevator when found.

Last modified Sept. 15, 2022