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Law enforcement agencies provided these reports of their activities this past week. Routine activities such as patrols, inspections, training, report-writing, and assistance to other agencies are excluded. Dates may reflect starting or ending dates of officers’ shifts rather than actual dates of occurrence.


May 8 — Police contacted the owner of a dog running free in the 100 block of S. Cedar St., removed debris in the 200 block of N. Adams St., and met with a resident about child-custody concerns.

May 9 — A dog reported to be running from in the 300 block of N. Washington St. was not located.

May 10 — A business in the 100 block of S. Main St. complained about an unruly customer. Drivers were warned for speeding in the 100 block of S. Main St., for making a J-turn in the 100 block of S. Main St., and for following too closely on US-56 between Ash and Adams Sts. No problems were discovered in checking on the welfare of a resident of the 100 block of W. B St.

Thursday — Police met with a business owner about placement of a temporary sign.

Friday — An automated report of an injury accident ended up being a false alarm caused by a cell phone malfunction. A driver in the 400 block of N. Ash St. was warned about an equipment violation. No problems were found in checking on a motorist on Ash St. at US-56.

Saturday — A calf roaming free near Hillsboro Heights subdivision was secured and its owner notified. Found property was returned to a resident. A suspicious person reported to be at the fairgrounds was not located.


May 8 — Two males in an apartment without permission were ordered to leave, locks were changed, and no-trespassing signs were posted. A trailer parked in a roadway was moved after an officer contacted the trailer’s owner. Found property was returned to its owner. A pickup truck was reported to have been speeding in a residential area. A complaint about a messy yard was turned over to the city’s code enforcement officer. A toddler was reported to be unattended in a parking lot, but the child’s mother was present. A vehicle tagged as abandoned later was moved.

May 9 — A balloon in a display may have set off a motion-detecting burglar alarm at Family Dollar / Dollar Tree. A man allegedly harassing a Hillsboro woman was located and told to have no contact with her. Police searched for a woman from another community who later was found in Hillsboro.

May 10 — A door at a business was found to be open while police patrolled the city during a planned blackout. A business also was notified about a water leak. Police talked to a schoolchild and a parent about leaving school early. A resident reported a possible scam.

Thursday — The owner of a vehicle abandoned in the county was contacted.

Friday — A resident complained neighbors had cut down trees on his property. Property left in someone else’s residence was returned to its owner. Police stood by during a civil matter.

Saturday — No problems were found in checking on the welfare of a resident. Police helped a motorist.

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